Los Rios DEV Course Request

This form is intended to be used by faculty to request a new dev course in the Los Rios Canvas environment. DEV courses can be used for preparing for a new course, for modifying an existing course for a future semester, for testing Canvas capabilities before affecting a live course, or just for storing content that you may want to move into your live course later in the semester or in a future semester. Please direct any questions or issues with this request form to the Los Rios IT Help Desk or your college DE/LMS Coordinator.

Your Employee ID (w-ID)

This is your Los Rios ID which is "W" followed by seven digits. You may enter a partial ID or name to search for a list of matching results:

Search ID or name:

Your College

If you teach at multiple Los Rios colleges, this selection will only be used as part of this dev course name. You will be able to move content from this dev course to any official course in any of the Los Rios colleges.


Your desired portion of the Course Name

Your dev course name will be structured as follows: [College] DEV [Desired Name]. For example, if you are an ARC faculty and type "MyPracticeCourse" below, your course name will be ARC DEV MyPracticeCourse. Course Names do not have to be unique, because there is a separate course-id (that you do not see), which contains your w-ID and a unique identifier. If you want your w-ID, your name, or anything else in the Course Name, then it needs to be in your portion below: